We Ankor's Customer Service Code

We Ankor's team – the management, our engineers and all
transverse company entities – live and breathe the field,
yet especially love what we do.

We are acknowledged of the large responsibility lying on our shoulders, which is why we set central core values which constitute the beating heart of our company and became the foundation of our conduct:

Service and Transparency

Your needs and expectations stand as our top priority. We work around the clock to provide you the optimal customer experience, beneficial and with full transparency at every phase of the process.

We are available for you, envision for the long term, think outside the box and act with creativity to provide you the best solutions for your organizational success, with excessive diligence and strictly standing with
time tables.


End-to-End Professional Envelope

Our customers enjoy quality, efficient and a wide variety of solutions that include the best cloud services, infrastructure and data security required by organizations.

We invest great resources in the company and team in order to provide the field’s cutting-edge technology and offer work tools of the highest standards for any need under one roof.


Obligation and A' to Z' Accompanying

We know that the secret to success is found within the small details.

Therefore, our company professes with comprehensive professional planning, through the characterization and choosing the best suiting technology, application and implementation, training, service and support throughout the project’s life as well as alteration and optimization as required.



For the sake of propriety, we track and document every step of the way throughout the process.

We are obligated for on-going customer’ updates using detailed reports any time upon demand.

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into its best version!

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